Should you be collecting more reviews, more often?


You really are missing a trick if you don’t take advantage of the tools available to help you display patient feedback on your website. Reviews play a powerful role in the patient journey, helping to build trust and eliminate doubt. It also helps to ease anxious patients who are looking for a medical professional.


Patient reviews have a significant impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), CTR (Click-Through-Rate), patient traffic and patient conversion.


Although the quality and content of reviews are important, it’s important to understand the value of volume; you need to collect enough reviews to build trust. In some cases, this could be 5-10 reviews, in others, 500 – 1000. Consumers also contextualise the volume of reviews. For example, would you stay in a hotel with 20 years in the industry if they only had 5 reviews?  


In most industries, the concept of reviews is advanced. As a result, there is plenty of research highlighting their value. For example, BrightLocal’s* annual Local Consumer Review Survey states that 70% of consumers would leave a review if asked. If this statistic is applied to healthcare, it suggests 7 out of 10 patients would leave a review, if asked. One barrier to consistently achieving this volume of feedback is that traditional paper methods have a low conversion rate.


Doctify’s solution is to give the patient a digitised review system, which can be easily implemented, and allow for review collection in under 60 seconds.


Assuming you were able to collect feedback from 70% of the patients that walk through your doors, how many reviews would your practice have? Does the number of reviews you currently have represent you and your experience?


Having established the number of reviews is important, let’s address consistency. The same Bright Local report mentioned above also suggests 40% of consumers only take into account reviews written within the past 2 weeks – up from 18% in 2017! Make collecting patient feedback a ‘business-as-usual’ activity for your practice, rather than a one-off.


Patients are used to leaving feedback, so just ask! Make it easy for them to do so and use those reviews to tell the next patient how great you are. Who doesn’t like being told how great they are?


You’re great, by the way – did you know that?


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