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What are the symptoms and treatment of cataracts?

Written by Mr Sundeep Vaswani Bsc (Hons) MCOptom of Optegra Eye Health Care for Doctify
For the most part, cataracts develop with age, with early changes occurring in most cases after the age of 50-60. In these instances, there tends to be a gradual progressive change and therefore patients may notice a slow decline in their […]

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What is a Facet Joint Injury and how can it be treated?

Mr Masood Shafafy, consultant spinal surgeon from Spine Solutions explains what facet joints are, symptoms associated with facet joint pain and how it can be treated. 

What are the facet joints?
Facet joints are the small joints between the vertebrae of the spine. If you think of the spine as a column of bones arranged one on […]

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