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Dr Taher Mahmud is Clinical Lead for Osteoporosis and Consultant Rheumatology at London Osteoporosis Clinic. He studied at King’s College London and trained in General Medicine at King’s College, St Thomas’ and Pembury Hospitals.

Does taking vitamin D help prevent osteoporosis?

Vitamin D is yet another vitamin most individuals are aware of, whether it’s from supplements or from your diet. Dr Mahmud, of the London Osteoporosis Clinic goes into detail about what this vitamin does for our diets, and why it’s vitally important for our bone health. 

Vitamin D
Our skin naturally produces vitamin D when exposed to […]

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Considering Arthritis as a Medical Emergency

The view that arthritis is just another thing that happens to us as we have as we get older, and thinking that it is inevitable, is an extremely outdated as well as dangerous way to view the condition. Living through arthritis without treatment can affect someone’s productivity, and sometimes even life expectancy in severe cases.

There […]

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8 Conditions You might Not Know are Linked to Osteoporosis

Written by Mr Taher Mahmud for Doctify
Many people think osteoporosis is simply linked to old age – the older we get, the more chance we have of developing osteoporosis. While this is true in some ways, age isn’t the only factor involved, and osteoporosis is linked to various other medical conditions, some of which might […]

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