We Need to Talk About Sperm: Addressing Men’s Fertility

Written by Mr Stephen Gordon for Doctify
Female fertility is everywhere. You can barely catch a tube without being inundated with ads for IVF clinics. Every other YouTube video is prefaced with a nauseating clip of two blemish free women discussing how efficient the pregnancy test they just took is. Blue liquid is constantly being poured […]

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5 Medical Reasons to Give Up your Seat to a Pregnant Woman

Written by Dr Anne Henderson for Doctify
We’ve all seen it. Some of us may even have been guilty of it. A heavily pregnant woman wearing the now ubiquitous ‘Baby On Board’ badge being ignored by a carriage full of commuters. On a day when you’ve been on your feet for hours or have a headache, […]

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Common mistakes to avoid when treating your child’s eczema

Written by Dr Amjad Khan for Doctify
If it wasn’t you, it was another child at school, who always seemed to have a patch of dry skin in the crook of their elbow or was constantly itching their knees. Eczema can be a nightmare for parents with little ones who suffer from it, especially in summer.

Luckily, […]

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Serena Williams is Pregnant – will Playing Sport Endanger her Baby?

Medical specialist comments provided by Mr Mahantesh Karoshi to Doctify
It was congratulations all round for top tennis player Serena Williams recently when she announced her pregnancy. She is expecting with fiancé (and Reddit co-founder) Alexis Ohanian. At 35 years old, she is 20 weeks pregnant.

With 22 major singles titles and 16 doubles under her belt, Williams […]

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Female Infertility

Our Specialist Discusses Infertility
Written by Irfana Koita for Doctify

What causes infertility?

Infertility is when a couple cannot conceive despite having regular unprotected sex for at least a year. 1 in 6 couples have difficulty getting pregnant. The causes vary from person to person and couple to couple and can be related to male or female factors, […]

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Fertility Treatments

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Discussing the options with our fertility specialist
Written by Dr Irfana Koita for Doctify

What are the fertility treatment options?

Ovulation Induction:

Women who do not ovulate, usually present with irregular or completely absent periods. The most common cause for this is a condition known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Ovulation induction is performed using oral tablets […]

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Common Baby Problems

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How Our Experts Deal With Them
Written by Dr Maryam Tribak for Doctify

Every parent experiences it: that fear when you notice a new rash or when they won’t stop crying. Even if you know it’s just nappy rash or colic, your parental instinct kicks in and you want to do something to make it better. […]

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5 ways to maintain the “pregnancy glow”

Pregnancy often brings with it the so-called “pregnancy glow”. Changes to circulating blood volume and an abundance of hormones result in thick, shiny hair and a bright, flushed complexion for many women.  These changes usually start in the second trimester and can be maintained by following some simple daily skincare tips.

1. Practice sun safety:  In some […]

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Eating habits during pregnancy

A healthy and balanced diet is important for everyone to maintain at all times but for pregnant and breastfeeding women what is being consumed also affects the baby, probably more significantly than initially thought. There are many guides out there as to what pregnant women should eat such as this from the NHS. In the past, […]

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Are you worried about infertility?

It is no wonder we’re so easily panicked about infertility with the fearful narrative and stigmatism that comes from being ‘labelled’ infertile. A new survey published in the Oxford Journal of Reproduction has shown that nearly half of women and men don’t seek medical help due to the fear of being labelled infertile. Infertility is […]

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