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Sandal season: Taking care of your feet this summer

Now that the weather is now warming up, people are spending extra time outside taking part in sports and other activities such as outdoor walks. Like all other parts of the body, feet require regular TLC and checkups by a state-registered podiatrist. We need to remember that healthy feet start with healthy skin and good […]

Do I need to have my ovarian cyst removed?

Earlier this year in January, famous actress Kate Beckinsale was hospitalised for a ruptured ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts are fluid filled sacs which grow on one or both ovaries. They are very common and can be diagnosed during an incidental pelvic ultrasound scan. It is estimated that one in ten women will have surgery during […]

Sublingual Immunotherapy – An Effective Treatment for Hayfever

Seasonal hayfever (or allergic rhinitis) is very common, affecting up to 25% of people in the UK. It typically develops during childhood and can cause symptoms such as nasal congestion, itch, sneezing and runny nose as well as effecting the eyes and causing asthma symptoms. For many it is just an irritation and can be […]

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The Top Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction to Increase Reviews

Reviews provide insight that helps you to improve your services, retain patients, and grow loyalty to your practice or clinic. So how do you improve patient satisfaction to increase the number of great reviews you get? We’ve outlined some of the key ways below:

Provide patient-centred care
Some of the most frequent positive feedback on our […]

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Why You Don’t Always Want 5 Star Reviews

Customer reviews deliver incredibly important insight into how patients are using your services, their expectations, and areas where you are not meeting their needs. In fact, reviews have evolved relatively recently into invaluable indicators to drive better product development, customer service and support, informing the direction a business grows in, how it’s marketed, and a […]

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Royal Brompton Hospital treating Insomnia with CBTi

Sleeping is a basic human need- like breathing, eating and drinking. It is vitally important for physical health. In this article, we hear from an expert at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care, Dr Alanna Hare, about why it’s so important to treat sleep disorders.


Around 30 to 50 per cent of the adult population […]

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How is air pollution in London affecting our health?

The Guardian recently shared an article on “How air pollution affects your health”.

Health conditions such as suppressed lung growth in children, asthma, heart disease and the onset of type 2 diabetes have been linked to air pollution. The image below by the Guardian shows the parts of the body affected by air pollution:

Each year, around 40,000 […]

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June Health News

Written by Dr Tom Nolan for Doctify

Art and religion are making their first appearances on the news blog this month. But don’t stop reading just yet: we’re also discussing stomach bugs. This month’s research has made me doubt the wisdom of my usual dodgy tummy recovery plan of Dioralyte followed by increasing volumes of mashed […]

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May Health News

.Book a Specialist 

Written by Dr Tom Nolan for Doctify

After the positive mood I had last month, I’m feeling a little down. All the latest research is making me a little bit sad: if only we could help the lonely and get the Chinese to eat more fruit. If only Stoke had more parks.

The secret […]

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March Health News

Written by Dr Tom Nolan for Doctify

With the worst of the winter out of the way and the days getting longer I’m in a positive mood. I’m looking forward to my next cough, I’m less worried about losing my memory and I might even donate a kidney.

Dementia epidemic? What epidemic?

Researchers reported this month that dementia […]

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