Eating habits during pregnancy

A healthy and balanced diet is important for everyone to maintain at all times but for pregnant and breastfeeding women what is being consumed also affects the baby, probably more significantly than initially thought. There are many guides out there as to what pregnant women should eat such as this from the NHS. In the past, […]

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Are you worried about infertility?

It is no wonder we’re so easily panicked about infertility with the fearful narrative and stigmatism that comes from being ‘labelled’ infertile. A new survey published in the Oxford Journal of Reproduction has shown that nearly half of women and men don’t seek medical help due to the fear of being labelled infertile. Infertility is […]

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My First Baby: Reflecting on Five Months of Pregnancy

Written by Mrs Josie Elles for Doctify

It’s 6am on Saturday the 25th of July 2015. My eyes are barely open and I head to the bathroom to find out if I can drink prosecco at my good friend’s wedding tonight. I’d much rather not (i.e., I am hoping the pregnancy test is kind to me […]

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8 Ways to Beat Morning Sickness

Written by Gurminder for Doctify
Many pregnant women feel sick or nauseous during early pregnancy. In most cases, the symptoms are mild you won’t need to seek any further treatment. In more severe cases, however, an anti-sickness medicine can sometimes be helpful.
Causes of Morning Sickness

There is no scientific evidence for the exact causes of morning sickness. […]

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