October Health News

In October, as the weather turns and the darkness falls, I’m asking myself some big questions. What should we do about antibiotic resistance? When should I give my child peanut butter? And is my activity tracker to blame for my declining fitness levels?


Fit bit or bit fat?

When I reach my activity goal on my wearable […]

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Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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Written by Gurminder for Doctify

Most of us will have someone in our lives, an elderly parent or grandparent who is becoming slightly more forgetful; they could be suffering from dementia. Dementia describes a set of symptoms including memory loss, caused by damage in the brain by diseases such as Alzheimer’s or strokes.

Alzheimer’s is linked […]

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E-Cigarettes: good or bad?

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Written by Mindy Gurminder for Doctify

E-cigarettes have been a topic of debate over recent years and a new government study has found that nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realise that they are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. In fact 22.1% actually believe that e-cigarettes are equally or more harmful than smoking, but […]

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August Health News

This month’s news features an exclusive story on a seven year old piece of research. There’s also some exciting news about hot meals and bad news for office workers.

Another death at the office

Your desk job is killing you, screamed newspaper headlines last month. People who sit for more than eight hours a day at work […]

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Aspirin: Can you take it to Prevent Heart Disease?

Written by Dr Farooq Rahman for Doctify
Aspirin was originally used to treat pain, fever and inflammation. Nowadays it is more commonly taken by people who have heart disease to help prevent a heart attack. Research also suggests it can be taken by healthy people to prevent heart disease and bowel cancer, but the risk of […]

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May Health News

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Written by Dr Tom Nolan for Doctify

After the positive mood I had last month, I’m feeling a little down. All the latest research is making me a little bit sad: if only we could help the lonely and get the Chinese to eat more fruit. If only Stoke had more parks.

The secret […]

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March Health News

Written by Dr Tom Nolan for Doctify

With the worst of the winter out of the way and the days getting longer I’m in a positive mood. I’m looking forward to my next cough, I’m less worried about losing my memory and I might even donate a kidney.

Dementia epidemic? What epidemic?

Researchers reported this month that dementia […]

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